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Cody Simpson


Jul 17, 2013

Wed 7:00 PM

15 Livington Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901



  • Cody Simpson
  • Ryan Vaughn
  • Ryan Beatty

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Cody Simpson: Cody Simpson is the latest fresh faced teen to hit the pop scene in the wake of Justin Bieber. Like Bieber, this 14 year-old Australian sensation started out posting videos of himself singing and playing cover songs from popular artists, alongside some of his own original creations. Like Bieber, Cody Simpson was discovered on YouTube and flown out to Los Angeles to discover his musical potential. Like Bieber, Simpson's boyish good looks and feathered hair are already turning him into a teen heartthrob. Unlike Bieber, all this is happening for Simpson without having released a single full-length album or concert schedule, and he's already slated to perform a tour date in 2011 with Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez at the Wang Tango concert in Los Angeles. Cody Simpson's career may be on the rise in the shadow of Justin Bieber, but he's all set to give Bieber a run for his money. In addition to a tour date at the 2011 Wango Tango concert on May 14, Cody Simpson has just added more 2011 tour dates in the US to his concert schedule.

Cody Simpson's story began like many exciting stories do: On summer break. In the summer of 2009, still fantasizing about record contracts and sold-out tour dates, Simpson began recording performances of hit songs, including "I'm Your's" by Jason Mraz and "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake. He also posted videos of original songs "One" and "Perfect" before being discovered by record producer Shawn Campbell. Simpson's first single, "iYiYi" was released on May 15, 2010, and features Flo Rida. After being signed to Atlantic Records, Cody Simpson moved to Los Angeles in June of 2010 to begin recording. Just a month after recording began, Simpson toured on his first concert schedule on the Camplified 2010 Tour, which played shows at various summer camps. After heading back to Los Angeles to record, Simpson's first EP, 4 U, released on December 21, 2010, shortly after the completion of a national middle school tour. Cody hassle also recorded a cover of The Strangeloves' "I Want Candy" for the 2011 film Hop.

With the recent success of his EP, Cody Simpson is showing up on YouTube more and more; only this time, it's his fans that are making the videos about how much they love him. The adoration has built since Cody Simpson finished his recent 2011 tour dates with Greyson Chance. Simpson is currently playing tour dates on a mall tour of Australia, with additional US tour dates added to his concert schedule. Beginning on June 4, Cody Simpson will play a few tour dates at minor league baseball stadiums along the east coast. There are only four tour dates, ending at Toyota Park in Chicago on June 11. Fans hoping to attend these Simpson tour dates in 2011 -- and catch a ball game -- will have to act fast, as they are rapidly approaching. With the tremendous accomplishments Cody Simpson has achieved in such a short time, fans can look forward to even more great things from this Queensland sensation.

Ryan Beatty: ........ .. .. .. .. .. .. ....I made this playlist.. at

..This is a little story on how i began playing the piano. Around july of 2006 my band "Believer" was starting to fall apart. The band was once known as fivepie 6 years prior but somehow we thought that changing our name would improve our chances of success but in reality it worsened our chances. Everyone was on different pages members were going to colleges and working etc. No ones heart was in it anymore and i started to go into a semi depressed state. Luckily i am a very intuitive person so i felt the end was near so i started to look around for other options because i knew that music and playing in a band was what i was supposed to do with my life. All the tools were there and it was just up to me to improve them and take full advantage of what i was given. 2 Weeks before the band went to a screaching halt i was approached J.B from "The High Court." I have known him for years and we always seem to run into each other at shows or shows we were playing together. Each time i met him he was in a different band it was quite funny :) Anyways..he approached me letting me know a band "A Hero From A Thousand Paces" was looking for a "Guitarist" Great i thought so i got in contact with them and they said they would get in touch with me. Weeks went by and i heard nothing but i continued to learn their songs. One day as i was coming out of work on probably the hottest day of summer and one of the worst days of my life. One of my friends passed that day and my grandmom died 8 times in the hospital and weirdly enough my friend and my grandmom had neighboring hospital rooms. So I check my voicemail to hear a call from "Mark Fray" saying that we should meet up at tgif fridays and talk. So we planned a meeting that week. At the meeting i met some of the members and they sat me down. They asked me questions about my guitar playing and band history. I thought it all went really well but when we were leaving mark goes well were not really looking for a guitarist were looking for a keyboardist. I was like FUCKING GREAT! I drive all the way out to cherry hill, nj to be told they are not even looking for a guitarist. So i get in my truck down on my luck, no band, no options..As i was driving home i felt something i don't know what it exactly was but i felt that i was making the biggest mistake not joining this band. I felt like i had to do whatever it took to be in it. So when i got home because i don't drive and talk on cell phones! I called back up mark..."Hey mark it's ryan again thanks for chance to meet with you guys...forgot to mention i have been playing keyboards for like 4 years" lie lie liessss i thought to my self but i am in a business based on lies and artificial perception so why not. He replied okay cool we'll call you. So that night i busted out my awsome Yamaha PSR500 they i never touched and i just started to put my fingers places and trying to mimic the piano parts in their songs. I also used youtube as a teacher i watched others play and saw how their wrists were and posture and where they're fingers went and it basically was like connect the dots. So anyways 2 weeks later i get another voicemail. Do you want to try out on sunday. It was a friday i received the voicemail and i was like alright! At this point i felt pretty confident so i was all for it..but one problem. That old yamaha PSR-500 wasn't going to cut it. So that saturday i got in my truck and went to guitar center and dropped $2,400 (the last of my college fund money) and i got myself a nice yamaha keyboard. a roland keyboard amp and road case...I show up at practice on sunday with brand new equipment. I told them that i "Took good care of it" So i go to the try out and things go really well. My only problem is i didn't know how to use a sustain pedal! I was like what is this pedal? Why do keyboards come with it. I quickly learned after smee showed me. So each practice they gave me more to learn and the more i had to prove. One practice i was brought into a room and they were like are you in?

.. .. On August 11th 2006 i began my piano career the rest is history. .. ..

The point of this page is to blog using the piano There are tons of mistakes and no frills mistakes are spelling errors and grammatical errors i make lots of them too feel free to share your thoughts or put these on your page .. this is how my thoughts sound .. enjoy.

.. .. -ryan beatty


.. Where you are coming from

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