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Anberlin, The Maine


Oct 29, 2013

Tue 7:30 PM

125 East Eleventh Street
New York, NY 10003



  • Anberlin
  • The Maine

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There are moments in a band's career where you need to get on board or be left behind. Moments where a band makes a great leap forward, surges to the next level, and becomes something infinitely greater than they've ever been. This is one of those moments for Anberlin, a rock band who has been honing their style and sound since 2002. The band's last album and major label debut, 2008's New Surrender, ascended the Central Florida group to a new level of both popularity and skill. The record's first single "Feel Good Drag" became the No. 1 radio track of 2009 and the No. 30 track of the decade. The positive reception the disc generated set the band up for an even more successful and powerful follow-up. On this fifth album, Dark Is The Way. Light Is A Place, Anberlin found themselves in a new headspace, recharged with creativity following their touring cycle for New Surrender. The band was unsure which producer to use for this effort, but fortuitously that decision was made for them when Grammy-winning producer Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen) approached the group. O'Brien had followed their career after being alerted to Anberlin by his daughter and felt that this was the right occasion to collaborate with the musicians. "The fact that he liked our music and he believed in us and he was standing behind us as a band was huge," Stephen says. "Compared to his roster we're not that big, so having him behind us really bolstered our confidence and pushed our desire to achieve something greater on this record. People have told us they're proud of us, but for Brendan O'Brien to say it was truly solidifying for us as a band." The band recorded the disc over five weeks, on and off throughout March, April and May of this year at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. The process was both challenging and empowering, with O'Brien urging the band members to step out of their comfort zone and take their music to new heights. The resulting album is 10 tracks that resound with a newfound sense of self and an assurance of identity. "It was about Brendan empowering us to make the best record possible," Stephen says. "He gave us the tools and showed us how to tighten things up. For us it was just a different caliber and I think we rose to the occasion. We played as hard as we could, we practiced as hard as we could, we wrote a lot and experimented. It was an all-encompassing session of empowerment." The album veers from powerful opener "We Owe This To Ourselves," which Stephen wrote after hearing a NPR piece about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement, to the urgent single "Impossible," a track about the delicate balance between fateful love and love as a choice, to acoustic number "Down." The album as a whole is both pensively dark and optimistic making the band's choice of title, drawn from a poem by Dylan Thomas entitled "Happy Birthday," apropos. It's a record about both being in the dark and recognizing that there's a way back into the light, says Stephen. "Hopefully these are songs people are absolutely able to relate to, whether it's love, whether it's friendship, whether it's family," Stephen explains. "There are moments where it's going to hurt and there are moments where there's going to be pain involved, but at the end of the day it's the people we surround ourselves with that's going to matter the most. There will be setbacks in life and problems and pain, but it's through perseverance that life is worth living and can be amazing. Most of our music can be summed up as bringing you to a dark moment then showing you that at the end of the day there's hope, there's light and there's a way out." Dark Is The Way. Light Is A Place is the product of five thoughtful musicians who have something significant to express. Stephen is also a published author (The Orphaned Anything's came out in 2008) who is currently working on his second novel. He also cocreated a charity called Faceless International, a non-profit that helps defend the plights of people in unfortunate situations around the world. Nathan is a photographer and model, and began an art collective called Golden Youth with Underoath's Tim McTague and artist Justin Nelson. Christian does avid charity work, using Anberlin as a venue to encourage people to make a difference both locally and around the world. Collectively, Anberlin is composed of contemplative, genuine musicians who have made a record that defines both themselves and their career. "For us, this is the best record that we can ever accomplish," Stephen concludes. "We were absolutely in our element on this record. I hope that everything we were able to convey on this album is inspiring to our fans. We want to bring them on this journey with us and I hope when they hear our new record they feel as empowered and confident as we did while making it."

The Maine

Despite sharing their name with a northeastern state, the Maine formed in 2007 in Tempe, AZ, a collegiate suburb of Phoenix. Most of the bandmembers -- singer John O'Callaghan, guitarists Kennedy Brock and Jared Monaco, bassist Garrett Nickelsen, and drummer Pat Kirch -- were in high school at the time, and the guys wasted little time turning their '90s radio rock band influences into a familiar, infectious pop-punk sound. The Maine signed to Fearless Records and released a five-song concept EP, The Way We Talk, in 2007. After performing on the Vans Warped Tour one year later, the group issued a full-length debut album, Can't Stop Won't Stop, which was produced by emo-pop veteran Matt Squire. The record peaked at number 40 on the Billboard charts and caught the ear of Warner Bros. Records, who signed the Maine to a major-label contract in 2009. After releasing a deluxe version of Can't Stop Won't Stop later that year, the group returned to the studio, eventually emerging in 2010 with the sophomore album Black & White.



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Anberlin: Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Anberlin formed from the ashes of various other area projects. Led by the soaring vocals of Stephen Christian, the positive-thinking Anberlin also included Joseph Milligan (guitar), Nathan Young (drums), Joey Bruce (guitar), and Deon Rexroat (bass), and presented an alternative pop/rock sound that, while inflected with the earnestness of emo, was closer to the mature stylings of Third Eye Blind. A five-song demo garnered Anberlin the attention of Seattle-based indie label Tooth & Nail, which signed the group in 2002. Blueprints for the Black Market marked the band's debut in May 2003, and Anberlin supported the album with shows alongside groups like Fall Out Boy and Story of the Year. Second guitarist Nathan Strayer later joined the lineup, and Anberlin returned in February 2005 with Never Take Friendship Personal. Their third record, Cities, appeared two years later and debuted at number 19 on the Billboard charts; soon after its release, however, Strayer made his exit and was replaced by former Acceptance guitarist Christian McAlhaney. Released in 2008, New Surrender saw the retooled band joining the roster of Universal Republic Records and enlisting the help of Neal Avron, who had formerly produced records for Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, and New Found Glory. In early 2010, Anberlin went into the studio with Grammy-winning producer Brendan O'Brien, and later that year released their fifth studio album, Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place. The compilation Dancing Between the Fibers of Time: The Best of Anberlin's Tooth & Nail Years appeared two years later. In late 2012, Anberlin released their sixth studio album, Vital, which featured a heavier rock and metal sound colored by some electronic flourishes.

The Maine: Graduating high school early is nothing for a band when you have already graduated from the school of rock with honors. The Maine have taken no classes, were given no grades, and had no teachers. Hailing from Phoenix, AZ all they had was a gut feeling that the music they were playing rocked and inspired kids nationwide. Now, riding a wave of melodic lines and infectious hooks, The Maine is making their way to your ears with their debut EP, The Way We Talk on December 11, 2007.

The Maine formed in January of 2007. After junior year, when most students look forward to slacking off as seniors, The Maine asked two members to graduate early so that they can share their music with the rest of the world. You see, seven periods a day is just seven periods too long for The Maine who can't wait to get home to write more tunes. Bassist Garrett Nickelsen honestly states, "School has never really been number one for me, I have always tried to focus on the band so I'm ready to really get this band going." Now already juggling music video shoots, recording sessions and concerts, The Maine actually had the ink dry on their record contract before it dries on their diploma.

The Maine started when Pat and Garret were sick of jumping from garage band to garage band and wanted to take their unique vision of what music should be to the big time. John, Kennedy and Jarred all had similar ideas and the band knew they had the final line up as the hits and lyrics kept writing themselves. The Maine didn't want to continue in the screamo trend that they felt was swallowing their local music scene. They wanted to create a new sound and began drawing influences from 90's radio alternative bands. Meshing styles like indie, pop and rock can sound forced, often imitating other bands without a hint of originality, but for The Maine mixing a wide variety of genres just sounds natural. Every Maine song begs for an immediate repeat.

After gathering a huge following through Myspace, The Maine played their first show in front of over 600 fans, acquired solely through word of mouth and this social networking site. Scouts from almost every major and indie record label were present waiting in line to sign them after their jaw dropping performance. Jarred loves every minute on stage, "Playing live is the reason we exist. The energy that we feel on stage is usually a result of what we are feeling from our fans. It's just us conveying our experiences and feelings through our presence, and thriving off of the response we get. Garrett adds to our performance, he has a strong way of communicating with the crowd. When we see Garret going crazy it reminds us all of why we love what we do." The Maine's amazing live performances caught the eye of Fearless Records (Plain White T's, Sugarcult and Rock Kills Kid) and booking agent Matt Galle (My Chemical Romance, Boys Like Girls and HelloGoodbye.)


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